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Paperless Billing Sign-Up Form

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  2. Terms and Conditions
    I agree to provide the Collector's Office an accurate email address for paperless billing of the real estate and personal property tax as relevant to my property. I agree to notify the Collector's Office of any change in email address for paperless billing. I accept that the paperless bill will be the secondary means by which the Town will notify me of tax due on this property. I acknowledge that any emailed bill notice issued to the address provided to the Collector is a valid and properly issued bill, and failure to receive it does not alter the obligation to make payment on time. Interest and late fees accrued to late balances will remain fully collectable in instances of failure to receive the email bill notice.
  3. I have read, understand and acknowledge the above terms and conditions.*
  4. Important Information:
    Any future changes in your mailing address will render the e mail address invalid, in which case, you will need to resubmit this form to continue to receive your bill electronically. You may change your email address at any time. For assistance with this form, or to terminate your enrollment in the paperless billing program, you may send an email to or
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