COVID-19 Employee Resource Center for Town of Oak Bluffs Employees

  • All employees who are required to work in Town Buildings or who conduct Town business in the field, must complete the above linked questionnaire, and not report to work if they display any COVID-19- like symptoms.


All Town employees have access to the Town’s EAP through ESI.  This online resource offers financial and legal management, professional development training and wellness/ lifestyle benefits. 

The ESI has set up a COVID-19 Resource Center with  comprehensive tools and guides to help employees through difficult times.

In this special resource section, you’ll learn about COVID-19, find resources related to the current spread of the illness, and discover the steps you should take to prepare your family for the daily living challenges that may arise as the virus spreads to your local community. From caring for children in isolation and adjusting to remote work from home to how to find remote employment and properly seek medical attention to treat the illness, these resources will help you take charge of your situation. 

Click here for PDF on COVID-19 services and how to log on and access ESI Programs.

The EAP also provides 24 hour counselling services that are completely confidential. If you or a family member are struggling at this time and need to speak with a counselor, call 800-252-4555, and you will connect immediately with an experienced professional.