Public Education Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Martha's Vineyard Public Schools is to guide each and every student to thrive in a

global society.

Public Education Department - Organizational Chart

Public Education Organizational Chart

  1. Oak Bluffs PK-08 Public School
  2. MVRHS District


The Oak Bluffs School Committee consists of three (3) members elected by the voters of the Town of Oak Bluffs. The school serves children in grades K through grade 08. As of October 1, 2017, 420 students attend Oak Buffs Public School. Under the direction of the School Committee, and in consultation with the Town Administrator, the School Department prepares and presents detailed budget requests. This budget is presented and voted by Town Meeting as one "bottom line" appropriation in accordance with M.G.L. In FY2019, the Town Manager's recommended budget for Oak Bluffs Public School is an increase of $289,194 or 4% from $7,772,626 to $8,061,820.

For detailed information regarding the Town of Oak Bluffs Public School budget, please contact the
school office directly.

Oak Bluffs School Website

Goals & Objectives

  • Continue to develop and implement a multi-year strategy for technology integration to enhance teaching and learning and provide for advanced planning and budgeting.
  • Continue to evaluate all opportunities within the budget to reduce reliance on the Annual Town Meeting Article with regard to Special Education expenses.
  • Sustain sufficient funding to support educational initiatives and community engagement while maintaining competitive salaries and employee benefits to recruit and retain talented and experienced staff at all levels.


  • Regional High School facility upgrades and repairs
  • Regional High School fully funding of OPEB ARC beginning in FY19
  • Culmination of 4 year developmental guidance program helped 177 graduates develop transitional plans for post-secondary education. Resulting in 65% of students attending a 4 year college, 15% attending 2 year college, technical, or prep school.
  • Continued program and course development in Art, Design, & Technology; career & technical education; English; ESL; History; Math; Physical Education; Science; and Language departments.
  • Implemented changes to SPED program; reintroduced Life Skills and Therapeutic programs as the Navigational & the Compass programs, respectively, and introduced the Voyager program.
  • Continue focus on STEAM curriculum in K-8 with implementation of interdisciplinary programs.
  • Implemented professional development focus for literary teachers to support early elementary
    literacy development.
  • Use of personalized platform I-Ready focusing on Common Core students for the math


  • Budgetary assessments, by Town, charge annually based upon demographic and enrollment data changes which affects the Chapter 70 funding formula.
  • For FY2019, the district increased its funding of its Other Post Employment Benefit liability by about $350,000, to meet its Annual Required Contribution.
  • Operational and maintenance program budget increased approximately $187,000 or about 10.57%
  • Additional increases above 2.5% are primarily related to contractually agreed upon wage increases and employee benefits increases in excess of 2.5%.
  • To the extent possible, increases in budget line items are offset by budget reductions. Significant reductions projected for FY19 include a decrease of about $198,000 for residential care tuitions.