Harbor Advisory Committee


The Harbor Advisory Committee serves in an Advisory capacity to the Board of Selectmen and works closely with the Harbormaster. The 9-member Committee is appointed by the Board of Selectmen and includes a representative from each of the following Stakeholder Groups:

Appointing Committee
Board of Selectmen
Mike J. Santoro
1 Year
Parks & Highway Department
Richard Combra Jr.
1 Year
Conservation Commission
Ron Zentner
1 Year
Oak Bluffs Business Association 
Douglas A. Abdelnour Jr.
2 Years
Neighborhood Residential Community
Jason Lew
2 Years
Members at Large (3)  John R. Breckenridge 2 Years
Public Safety
Jeff Labell
1 Years

Thomas Norbury
1 Year
David Pothier
2 Years


Oak Bluffs Harbor is the lifeblood to the Town of Oak Bluffs.  Providing key economic benefits to the Town and our Business Community, the Harbor welcomes visitors to the Island, and promotes recreational and commercial activities.  Its connection to the surrounding communities provides scenic settings and enhances residential values.

To maintain these important values, the goals of the Harbor Advisory Committee will be to provide input and advice to the Board of Selectmen regarding the following:

  • The safe enjoyment of the Harbor by Residents and Visitors
  • Recommendations regarding Capital Improvements and Facility Upgrades
  • Maintenance of Water Quality standards for both recreation and Commercial interests
  • Revenue opportunities and assessments
  • Maintaining first class accommodations including Restrooms, Trash Disposal, Fuel Services, and Launch facilities.
  • Master Plan Review and Updates


The Harbor Advisory Committee will work closely with the Harbormaster to recommend Guidelines that can accomplish the Committee’s Goals. The Harbormaster will forward these to the Town Administrator and the Board of Selectmen for further review and ratification. Examples may include:

  • Harbor Policies ; Rules and regulations
  • Special Event Permit Application and Process
  • Resident Slip Lottery