Land Bank Advisory Board


The Boards duties are to assist the Land Bank Commission in Acquiring & Managing Conservation Properties within the Town of Oak Bluffs by representing the Interest of the Residents of Oak Bluffs. Presently the Land Bank has Ten Properties under management in our Town consisting of 499.6 acres.

They include:

  • The Southern Woodlands
  • Doug's Cove | on Lagoon Pond by the bridge.
  • Quay's Corner | near the Hospital.
  • Trade Wind Fields Preserve | which connects to Farm Pond Preserve.
  • Pecoy Preserve | on Sengekontacket Pond.
  • Featherstone Farm
  • Weahtaqua Springs Preserve | at the Head of Lagoon Pond.
  • Little Duarte Pond Preserve | abutting Thimble Farm.
  • Wapatequa Woods Preserve | (in both Oak Bluffs & Tisbury) also adjoining Little Duarte's Preserve.
  • Farm Pond Preserve

We Board Members encourage you to explore these properties.

Here is a LINK to The Martha's Vineyard Land Bank's website for maps and more information on all of the Land Bank Properties and policies.

This Board Meets the 1st Tuesday of the month at the Oak Bluffs Town Hall.

Members:Appointing Board:

Chris Alley, ChairmanBoard of Health
Melanie BilodeauAssessors
Richard CoutinhoWater Commissioners
Liz DurkeeConservation
Phil CordellaSelectmen
Richard TooleParks & Recreation
Kristen Reiman


Call the Land Bank office in Edgartown for copies of Management Plan & Maps: (508) 627-7141