Town Hall Building Committee


On May 16, 2018, General Contractor Bids were opened.  The bids received will require a significant change in project scope and eventual rebidding the project.

The project team completed and evaluated some significant value engineering for the project which will allow the project to move forward with a new bid process.  Significant dates are: 

Bidding Start July 18
Filed Sub-bids due August 23 
General Contractor bids due September 6

Move out of Town Hall September11-13
HazMat Remediation September 7-21
Demolition of building September 24-28

Construction begins October 2


Temporary Town Hall in Place at 49 School Street, opening in June

The Building Committee is made up of dedicated volunteers from Oak Bluffs with a broad range of talents including:   Architecture, Construction, Social Media, Finance, Outreach, Design, and Presentation.  These volunteers appointed by the Board of Selectmen on Dec 1, 2016 represent Oak Bluffs taxpayers, voters and residents to lead the Design Development stage and ultimately to help produce a Town Hall that is affordable, functional and a point of pride in Oak Bluffs.  The committee meets almost every week and welcomes participation from the community.  In addition, the meetings are broadcast on MVTV and can be accessed and viewed through the Agenda & Minutes link. Questions or comments may be emailed to the chair or mailed to the committee in care of Town Hall.

Bill McGrath:  Chair                                               email:                                                                                             
Steve Auerbach: Vice Chair

Ian Aitchison, Jason Balboni, Gail Barmakian', Alice Butler, Kris Chvatal, James Dearing, Karen Finley,
Joan Hughes,  Marilyn Miller, Colleen Morris, Chuck Sullivan, Richard Toole, Walter W. Vail.

Town Administrator is ex-officio member

Additionally, the team working on the Town Hall project includes the Designer, Keenan + Kenny Architects, Ltd. of Falmouth
and Daedulus Projects, Inc of Boston.

 Condition of Town Hall                   Video 4minutes            Site plan for Temp Quarters              

PHOTO GALLERY                 Town Meeting Presentation

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