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Click Here to View Approval for Upgraded Facility Design from MASS DEP 8/3/2023 

Draft Environmental Impact Report – Oak Bluffs Wastewater Management Plan Alternatives Screening Analysis and Draft Recommended Plan - July 31, 2023 

The Oak Bluffs Comprehensive Wastewater Management Planning Project outlines the Town’s plan to meet nitrogen limits set by the State for its coastal ponds. Below are links to the Report (each chapter is a separate link, to make download/viewing faster) and to each of its Appendices.


The Report has been submitted to MEPA as a Notice of Project Change (NPC) and was listed in the Environmental Monitor on August 8, 2023. Under this schedule, comments on the NPC may be submitted to MEPA until September 22, 2023.


Comments may be submitted through the MEPA Public Comment Portal, by email or by mail by following the instructions outlined in the following link:




All comments should include a reference to the following:

Project Name: Oak Bluffs Comprehensive Wastewater Management Planning Project

EEA#: 15768

Environmental Analyst: Alexander Strysky (alexander.strysky@state.ma.us)


Oak Bluffs Draft DEIR - Compiled

Oak Bluffs DEIR  - Title Page, ES, toc (August 2, 2023)

Oak Bluffs DEIR - Cover - Exec Sum TOC (July 31, 2023)

Oak Bluffs DEIR - Chapter 1

Oak Bluffs DEIR - Chapter 2

Oak Bluffs DEIR - Chapter 3

Oak Bluffs DEIR - Chapter 4

Oak Bluffs DEIR - Chapter 5

Oak Bluffs DEIR - Chapter 6

Oak Bluffs DEIR - Chapter 7

Oak Bluffs DEIR - Chapter 8

Oak Bluffs DEIR - Chapter 9

Oak Bluffs DEIR - Chapter 10


Oak Bluffs DEIR - Appendices

Appendix A - 2018 Draft Oak Bluffs NAR

Appendix B - MEPA Certificates and Response Letters

Appendix C - 2017 GHD WWTF Facility Evaluation Final Draft Report

Appendix D - Not Used

Appendix E - 2016 Lagoon Pond PRB Analysis- Lombardo Associates FINAL Report - Revised

Appendix F - 2017 Oak Bluffs I-I Analysis

Appendix G - 2022 SMAST Lagoon Pond Analysis

Appendix H - Oak Bluffs WWTF Upgrade Conceptual Design

Appendix I - Oak Bluffs RMAT Results


DEIR Draft Figures - Rev00

Important Documents - Click Links Below to View:

OB WWTF Pre-Approved Contractor List

CWMP Presentation June 2023

Dukes County Coastal Resilience Improvement Permit Level Design (funded by the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Action Grant Program) 

Multiple Town and Island-Wide resiliency evaluations have highlighted the vulnerability of the Dukes County Pump Station to coastal storms. Building on these evaluations, the Town of Oak Bluffs was awarded an MVP Action Grant to conduct an alternatives evaluation of coastal resilience improvements for the station and to prepare a permit level design for the selected alternative. The link below contains the Public Presentation to the Wastewater Commission in May 2023 outlining the project. The Public Presentation outline is available in English and Portuguese.

Oak Bluffs MVP Public Participation Presentation

Dukes County Coastal Resilience Evaluation - Portuguese

Oak Bluffs MVP Public Participation Presentation - Zoom  Meeting on May 18, 2023 at 2pm

Mission Statement

The mission of the Wastewater Department is to serve the town in meeting its wastewater needs and meet its state permit requirements.

Goals & Objectives

Expand the wastewater plant to handle future needs that will be driven by the CWMP (Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan) for the next 20 years.


  • Constantly meets state permit requirements.
  • Meets state permitting levels as measured by daily, weekly and monthly sampling.
  • Lack of odor control complaints.
  • Timely response to customer concerns.
  • Repairs most pump problems with an alarm system, notifying the department before a customer even knows of a problem.
  • Computer monitoring SCADA system improves efficiency in plant monitoring and process control.


  • The first ever rate increase was approved at a public hearing in Fiscal Year 2023 in June of 2023. All users in the FY24 will be assessed a $200 annual additional fee in the FY24 Invoice. Users that discharge 360,001 or more gallons will pay an additional $0.012 per gallon over 360,001 gallons with usage in FY24 to be included in the FY25 Invoice.

Wastewater Commissioners:

Gail Barmakian, Chairman
Term Expires: 2026

Bill Alwardt
Term Expires: 2025

Cassandra Bowler
Term Expires: 2024

CWMP Draft Needs Assessment Report

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