BOH Regulations

SECTION 1.0                        Septic System Regulations

SECTION 2.0                        Protection for Sensitive Resource Areas

SECTION 3.0                        Well Construction Regulations

SECTION 4.0                        Storage Tank Regulations

SECTION 5.0                        Storm Water Management Regulations

SECTION 6.0                        Nuisance

SECTION 7.0                        Body Art Establishments and Practitioners

SECTION 8.0                        Garbage and Rubbish

SECTION 9.0                        Food Service Establishments

SECTION 9.1                        Food Service at Temporary Events

SECTION 9.2                        Food Establishment Inspections

SECTION 9.3                        Certified Food Handler Present at All Times

SECTION 9.4                        Board of Health Access to Food Establishments

SECTION 9.5                        Food Handler Certification

SECTION 10.0                      Lead Paint

SECTION 11.0                      Sale of Tobacco Products to Minors

SECTION 12.0                      Smoking in Certain Places

SECTION 12.A                     Smoking Prohibited in Membership Associations

SECTION 13.0                      Floor Drain Regulations

SECTION 14.0                      Massage Parlors

SECTION 15.0                      Hair Braiding

SECTION 16.0                      Upgrading Cesspools

SECTION 17.0                      Public Consumption or Donations From Sports Fishing Events

SECTION 18.0                      Disposal of Household Debris on Town Property

SECTION 19.0                      Verification of Bedroom Count for New Construction

SECTION 20.0                      Keeping of Swine                                       

SECTION 21.0                     Fertilizer Regulations