Public Health Department

The Oak Bluffs Health Department is dedicated to excellence in preserving, protecting, promoting and improving the health and well-being of Oak Bluffs residents and visitors. This is achieved through the implementation of disease and injury prevention programs, health promotion programs, socio-economic and environmental programs, community health and nursing services, education and empowerment  sessions, and the enforcement of public health regulations. The Services provided include:
1. Plan Review and Inspections for:
Food Services Establishments
         - Swimming Pool Facilities
Septic Systems 
         - Tanning Salons
         - Wells
         - Camps
         - Temporary Food Events
         - State Beaches
         - Tobacco Establishments

3. Issuance of:
       - Food Permit
       - Septic Construction Permit
       - Septic Certificate of Compliance
       - Permit to apply Fertilizer
       - Well Construction Permit
       - Installers Permit
       - Camp Permit

2. Investigation of:
       - Food Borne Illness Complaints
       - Lead Complaints
       - Nuisance Complaints
       - Housing Code Violations
       - Beach Water Quality
       - State Sanitary Code Violations



4. Public Health Nursing Services:
       - Maternal and Child Health
       - Home Visits
       - Health Promotion
       - Community Health Screenings
          and Clinics
       - Communicable Disease
       - Emergency Preparedness
       - Vaccine Management
       - Wellness Education and
         Exercise Programs