Cemetery Commission

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.


  • Jesse Law III
  • Christopher Gibson
  • John Tiernan, Chairman


The Cemetery Commission is charged with ensuring the proper maintenance of Oak Grove Cemetery and making improvements where needed. The regulations can be accessed here cemetery regulations

At the ATM in April 2023, it was voted to accept the following amendments to the cemetery rules and regulations:

  • Interments may be in a permanent container such as cement or bronze vaults or in a concrete sectional vault or interments may be by "Green Burial" as defined below:
  • A "Green Burial" is defined, for the purpose of the Oak Grove Cemetery Regulations, as a burial where the deceased is buried in a casket made of soft wood or other biodegradable materials like cardboard or wicker or is buried in a shroud made of natural fabric. The casket, shroud, or natural burial trundle (wooden tray with handles used for transporting or lowering) rests directly on the earth at a dept of 3.5ft - 4ft. No embalming chemicals, cement vault, grave liner, hardwoods, metals, plastics, or non-biodegradable items are allowed in the grave.
  • No flags allowed except the United States flag and the Fire Department flag.
  • Only one (1) solar light allowed per grave.
  • Holiday displays must be removed from grave(s) at least two (2) weeks prior to the next holiday. If not removed, the Cemetery Commission through the Highway Department personnel will remove such items.

Please call 508-693-0072 if you are interested in purchasing a burial plot, looking for someone buried in the Oak Bluffs’ Oak Grove Cemetery or any other questions. Or use the link below to search for burials in Oak Grove Cemetery, Oak Bluffs: