Shellfish Department

  1. Phytoplankton bloom in Lagoon Pond

    The phytoplankton bloom in Lagoon Pond discolors the water but it is NOT harmful to either humans, animals or shellfish. Any questions, please contact Shellfish Constable David Grunden at 508-693-0072.
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Areas open for shellfishing:
  • Lagoon Pond
  • Outside waters
  • Sengekontacket Pond - Sections 4, 5 and the front areas of 9 & 10
Section 1 in Sengekontacket will open on Saturday, September 8, 2018

If the red flag is flying at either of the bridges to Sengekontacket Pond, it means the pond is closed for shellfishing.

Residential recreational permits available only in the Selectmen office at the Oak Bluffs Town Hall

Non-residential one-week, two-week & one-month recreational shellfish permits are available from May to September at the following locations:
Oak Bluffs Town Hall, 56 School Street
Dick's Bait & Tackle, 108 New York Avenue
Keep It Reel, 1 East Chop Drive