Information Technology

The Town of Oak Bluffs Information Technology (IT) Department

The IT department makes sure the networks, computers, and systems that support the town are secure and effective. We also manage the town's website and technologies focused on service delivery.

The mission of the Information Technology department is to provide technical computer service to town personnel in order to maintain data integrity and computer literacy, through support, training, and knowledge. Information Technology is the key to Oak Bluff's ability to grow, respond to emergencies, and efficiently provide services to its citizens. Investments in IT applications and infrastructure provide town managers with tools to more effectively observe and manage the financial, physical, and human resources of the Town, as well as increase productivity.


The “technology stack” is what makes the town's foundation for communication. This includes devices, connectivity, servers, and software. The stack is essential to all government operations. In the 21st century, it’s as essential as electricity and roads.

 The IT Department is responsible for:

  • Software Installations, Software Management & Maintenance
  • Services and Infrastructure that relate to the Town of Oak Bluffs' computer systems and telecommunications. (Servers, Networks, Printers, Phone Systems, etc.)
  • Management of the Town's Website
  • Technical support for town employees

Information Technology Documents