Finance and Advisory Committee





































Steve Auerbach,  Chairman (term expires 2015)

Ray Taylor (term expires 2015)

John Boardman (term expires 2015)

Kimberly Burke (term expires 2017

Bob Huss (term expires 2016)
Herb Kiehn (term expires 2016)

Maura McGroaty (term expires 2017)

Abraham Seiman (term expires 2017)

Mike Taus (term expires 2016)





The Finance and Advisory Committee’s responsibilities include:
  1. Establishment of annual budgeting guidelines and procedures and recommendation of an annual budget to the Board of Selectmen and the Annual Town Meeting.
  1. Consideration of all financial matters covered by Town Meeting Warrant articles and reporting its recommendations to the Town Meeting.  
  1. Investigation of any municipal questions that it deems appropriate and making recommendations to the Town or any agent of the Town.   
  1. Allocation of the Town’s Financial Reserve Fund for extraordinary or unforeseen expenditures.
  1. Representation on several Town boards and committees, such as the Personnel Board and the Capital Program Committee.
The nine members of the Finance and Advisory Committee are elected for three year terms, which are staggered so that one-third of the Committee is elected each year. 
Vacancies are filled by the Town Moderator.
Any registered voter in Oak Bluffs is eligible to run for election to the Committee.   The nomination process begins in January for the April town election.   Information about the nomination process can be obtained from the Oak Bluffs Town Clerk.
The Finance and Advisory Committee generally meets at 4:00 pm on the first and third Thursdays of each month – more frequently during the budget process in the first quarter of each calendar year.   All meetings are posted and are open to the public.