Conservation Commission

Office in the Town Hall

56 School St.

Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

P: (508) 693-3554 x204

F: (508) 693-5375


Office Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM Monday through Friday excluding holidays.



Commission Members

Joan Hughes, Chairman


Elizabeth Durkee, Conservation Agent

(508) 693-3554 x118



The Conservation Commission is charged with protecting the town's wetlands, waterways and flood zones through regulation, education and environmental planning. The Commission administers and enforces the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the Oak Bluffs General Wetlands Bylaw. The Conservation administrator provides technical and administrative assistance to the Commission, the public, and other town boards. 

Conservation Commissions are also charged with preserving and managing open space. Oak Bluffs is fortunate to have the Sailing Camp Park, 15 acres of conservation land on a bluff overlooking Lagoon Pond. The property includes a beach as well as a rustic mainstay building that is available for weddings and other family functions. 

Wetlands Protection: If you live within 100 feet of a beach, pond, stream, bank, salt marsh, wetland, or flood plain you need a permit from the Commission for any activity that alters* the land. The Commission is an experienced, friendly, and pro-active board that will work with you to design a project that complies with the state and local wetlands protection laws. If you are planning a project in one of the areas mentioned above please call the Commission early on and we will help guide you through the permitting process.

* "Alter" = any change to the condition of any area subject to protection including, but not limited to:

  •  Removal, excavation or dredging of soil, sand, gravel, etc.
  •  Destruction of plant life/vegetation, including cutting of trees
  •  Dumping, discharging, or filling with any material
  •  Erection or repair of buildings, or structures of any kind; driving of piles in a new location
  •  Drainage or disturbance of water level or water table


The Conservation Commission meets the second & fourth Tuesdays at 4:00 pm in the Town Hall and as needed.