Affordable Housing Committee

Committee Members

Ronald L. DiOrio, Chairman
Harvey Beth
John Bradford

Brian Hughes

James Westervelt, Recorder



The Oak Bluffs Affordable Housing Committee was created to work towards the Commonwealth’s goal of designating ten percent of the town’s year-round housing stock for affordable housing, as defined by the Department of Housing and Community Development, to be counted towards the state’s Chapter 40B Subsidized Housing Inventory.

In addition, Oak Bluffs is committed to increasing the number of decent affordable housing opportunities for Island residents while preserving its unique characteristics and charm.

The town also recognizes the need for a diverse housing stock in order to have a healthy and economically diverse community. This is especially critical in light of the recent history of escalating property values.

The Town looks forward to continuing its work with the other Island towns, the Dukes County Regional Housing Authority, the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, and the other Island affordable housing groups in developing a long range solution to this current critical problem.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. The town will work to increase the supply of safe, decent,year-round housing available to residents of low, moderate, and middle incomes.
  2. The town will work to increase the supply of rental units for elderly residents.
  3. The town will continue to serve as the lead community for DHCD’s Small Cities Program which assists in financing and rehabilitation of existing homes.

Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the Month.