Oak Bluffs Shellfish Regulations

Department:  Shellfish  
Type:  Permits  

Applications for a commercial Shellfish License can be obatined at the Board of Selectmen's office.


On April 22, 2014 the Board of Selectmen approved the following new regulation:


All shellfish must be removed from the pond immeadiately after harvesting. No wet storage of shellfish. Wet storage is any method of holding shellfish in Town waters for later use. This includes hanging bags, cages, keppers off docks and morring lines.


On October 13, 2105 the Board of Selectmen approved the following new oyster regulations:


  • Harvest season from October 1 through April 30
  • No commercial taking of oysters
  • Oysters may be harvested by rake, tongs, net and hand only
  • Dragging for oysters is prohibited
  • May take up to a 1/2 bushel of oysters per week, above and beyond the 1/2 bushel per week recreational limit