1. Dukes County

    The County of Dukes County consists of 11 islands off the southeast coast of Massachusetts, within sight of Cape Cod. More than 99 percent of the County’s population lives on the largest island, Martha’s Vineyard, an international tourist destination and vacation-home resort.

  2. Marine Forecast

    Access local marine forecasts provided by the National Weather Service.

  3. Oak Bluffs Marina

    Oak Bluffs Marina, the largest marina on Martha's Vineyard, is a long-time favorite of many boaters, and offers unrivaled access to the rest of the Island. Find specific information on the Marina itself, surrounding attractions, and a schedule of events for the upcoming season.

  4. Other Island Towns

    Martha's Vineyard has 6 towns. Browse through information on the 5 other island towns.

  5. Transportation

    Find detailed collection schedules, contact information, hours of operation, and detailed information on Oak Bluff trash services.