Seaview Waterfront Project Committee


  • Kerry Scott
    Committee Chair
  • Gail Barmakian
    Wastewater Commissioner
  • John Bradford
    Planning Board
  • John Breckenridge
    Harbor Management Committee
  • Dave Caron
    Board of Health
  • Richard Combra
    Highway Superintendent
  • Liz Durkee
    Conservation Agent
  • Michael Dutton
    Town Administrator
  • Dave Drunden
    Shellfish Constable
  • Joan Hughes
    Conservation Commission

  • Bill McGrath
    Capital Program Committee
  • Mike Perry
    Finance Committee
  • Nancy Phillips
    Park Commissioner
  • Iona Pressley
    Community Development Committee
  • Mark Wallace
    Oak Bluffs Association
  • Douglas Abdelnour Jr.
    Year-Round Residents Representative
  • Bernadette Crossland
    Year-Round Residents Representative
  • Elizabeth Davis
    Summer Residents Representative
  • Eric Williams
    Summer Residents Representative
Created on June 3, 2008 by the Board of Selectmen, the overarching goal of the Seaview Waterfront Committee is the restoration of the town’s valuable eastern shoreline-a recreational, historic and economic backbone of our summer resort community.


The project will preserve recreational and open space preservation values as well as the unique character of Oak Bluffs, one of very few places with in-town beaches that are enjoyed by visitors from around the world. The Oak Bluffs bathing beaches have long been one of our most treasured resources and are in need of protection and restoration. The project is necessary to preserve the integrity of the coastal bluff system upon which Beach Road is built, safeguard Ocean Park and the Wastewater System's effluent beds which lie beneath Ocean Park, protect the homes built along the waterfront, and preserve the public's access to transportation facilities. A critical component of the project will address drainage and road run-off which negatively impact infrastructure as well as beaches.

Funding and Recommendations
The Seaview Waterfront Committee is intended to be the driving force behind the designing of the beachfront and the funding of its construction. Charged with bringing the waterfront project to a successful conclusion, the committee is expected to make final recommendations for the project to the Board of Selectmen and the Parks Commissioners, research appropriate funding sources, and initiate public hearings throughout the design process.