Trash and Rubbish Collection

Rubbish Stickers

Rubbish stickers are required for household refuse to be collected curbside and/or taken to Local Drop-Off (LDO). Rubbish stickers cost $5 each and are good for 1 (one) 30-33 gallon barrel. (Any larger barrels must have 2 rubbish stickers, some local markets may charge a $0.25 service fee).

Rubbish stickers may be purchased at:
  • Local Drop Off ("the Dump") - 16 Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Our Market - 1 East Chop Drive
  • Tony's Market - 119 Dukes County Avenue
  • deBettencourt's Garage - 83 New York Avenue
  • Jim's Package Store - 27 Lake Avenue

Curbside Collection

Household refuse left for curbside collection must be in plastic bags inside a barrel and a rubbish sticker must be placed on the top bag inside the barrel. Set barrel(s) at curbside no earlier than morning of collection. Barrel(s) must be out by 7 a.m. to ensure pick up for that day.

The rubbish trucks do not pick up recycling materials, metal, appliances, construction debris, Christmas trees or any rubbish not in a bag and inside a barrel.

Local Drop-Off

A $25 vehicle permit is required for access to the LDO and is for residents of the Town of Oak Bluffs only. Residents over 60 years of age must pay $10. LDO permit applications are available at LDO office only. Be prepared to show proof of residency (i.e. driver's license, tax bill, etc).

All trash must be bagged and tied with a proper rubbish sticker attached to bag. All packing materials (Styrofoam, etc) must be in a bag with a rubbish sticker.
Recyclables (co-mingled glass and plastic, newspapers and cardboard) may be brought free of charge to LDO once a vehicle permit has been obtained.

No construction debris, shingles or plate glass.

Brush and Yard Waste

Brush and leaves are accepted only from residents of the Town of Oak Bluffs in non-commercial vehicles with a LDO permit. Brush disposal is $25 per vehicle. There is no charge for leaves and grass. No large dump trucks are allowed to dump brush, leaves or grass.

Leaves must be removed from bags or containers.

Brush must be SMALLER than 4 inches in diameter and SHORTER than 8 feet in length.

NO stumps.

Holiday Schedule

Rubbish collection is delayed 1 day after all federal and state public holidays. The LDO is closed on Independence Day (July 4th), Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day and under severe weather conditions.